Choosing the size of a ring or bracelet can sometimes be a challenge when the product cannot be directly fitted.

At ROCKERS, we want your jewelry to rock as soon as you get it. That's why we put together a small size guide.


The size of the bracelet is worth keeping in mind that the jewelry should not be too tight, but that there should be some space between the hand and the jewelry. Too small bracelet squeezes your hand and strains the jewelry. You can use the bracelet inner diameter stated on the product card page as a guide when considering what size bracelet would best fit your wrist / style. We recommend that you choose a larger size next to the diameter of your wrist. However, depending on the individual, the wrists are individually sized.

You can find out the circumference of your wrist by measuring the length of an existing bracelet or by measuring the circumference of your wrist with a tape measure or a piece of wire that you measure with a ruler.

The measured reading directly shows you the size of the bracelet, but keep in mind the above.


Avoid measuring your ring size when your hands are cold, for example in the evening when your fingers are usually slightly swollen.


Wide rings require a slightly larger size

⚡ A good rule of thumb when choosing the size of a stone ring is that a suitable Ring size is probably  ⌀0.5mm bigger than your own ring size

For example, if your ring size is ⌀19.5, then select Stone Ring size ⌀20

There are two ways to measure your ring size:

  1. Select the ring you are using that fits the finger where you intend to use the new ring.

Measure the inside diameter of the ring (in millimeters) using, for example, a caliper or a ruler. The inside diameter (mm) is your finger and ring size.

  1. If you don't have a ring to compare to:

- Measure your finger circumference with a tape measure and Convert to Diameter as shown in the table below.
- Measure the circumference by wrapping a piece of wire or a piece of cardboard around your finger. Measure the length of the thread with the ruler (mm).

(Note: Do not wrap the thread too tight, leave some space for it. Note that the ring should pass over the joints).

To change the circumference to the inside diameter, use the following table:

Circumference (mm)
47,1                            ⌀ 15
48,7                            ⌀ 15,5
50,2                            ⌀ 16
51,8                            ⌀ 16,5
53,4                            ⌀ 17
55,0                            ⌀ 17,5
56,5                            ⌀ 18
58,1                            ⌀ 18,5
59,7                            ⌀ 19
61,2                            ⌀ 19,5
62,8                            ⌀ 20
64,4                            ⌀ 20,5
65,9                            ⌀ 21
67,5                            ⌀ 21,5
69,1                            ⌀ 22

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