1. Sawing a stone block to stone sheets  (slab thickness 2-4mm)
2. Grinding of sawed stone sheet with coarse abrasive belt  (removes saw trims from cutting and other possible surface uniforms)
3. The stone sheet is grinded with a total of 7 different grinding gravities  (each about 5-10min)
4. Finally the stone sheet is polished with felt disc with tin oxide  (to get a final shiny face)
5. The stone sheet is crushed carefully (with tools) into right size pieces
6. Crushed pieces are precisely selected and one-by-one carefully located with jewelry tools (small pliers). Gluing of crush is performed
7. Jewelery finishing and mechanical removal of excess glue  (handmade)


Crushed stone is made ecologically, primarily we use all pieces of stone sheets made for other products

The stone is Finnish natural stone (Absolute Black)