rockers ✕ Jorma Uotinen  

Jorma Uotinen with Rockers collection Cross Plus Necklace

Jorma Uotinen has previously designed jewelry for women in the theater and was enthusiastic about designing a collection for rockers workshop, where he was free to use his creativity. Big jewelry, glossy steel and black matte rubber create great contrasts as well as shiny natural stone that makes it dynamic together.

Jewelry design is completely Jorma's handwriting and implementation is done entirely according to Jorma's drawings and wishes. And as Jorma has said, he has not invented the wheel again, but wanted his collection consisting of a simple shape of a circle and a cross.

Absolute Motion jewelry collection is based on the movement, in which the rigidly felt materials dance as jewels. The detail of each jewel is worked so that an absolute movement can be obtained.

Natural stone used in jewelry comes from landscapes, which are historical to Finland, from the Winter War terrain in Suomussalmi.

This stone, being blacker than black and named as Absolute Black, is a perfectly clean and uniform, durable 100% Finnish stone. After seven stages of grinding with water, it has a gorgeous shiny surface. All stone parts of the collection are cut and grinded to 1.6mm by hand in rockers workshop at Kainuu, Finland. All the jewelry is finished by hand.