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Rock is not just music.

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Rock, express yourself, let your appearance match the soul inside you🤘

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 People of Rock


Rock exists in People of Rock in different ways. We have gathered some of the types in here,

do you find yourself among them?


He is his own lifes rock-cock, wears it, breaths it and lives it everyday. Totally diggs everything about rock. Not afraid to get his hands dirty or say his opinion. Talking about accessories, this dude doesn't like shine and glamour.
Often owns and craves information about everything related to wars. From his drawer, you can find army clothes, outdoor outfits & tons of boots. This guy respects the past and has a patriotic heart with a rock-attitude.
Worker by day, rock beast by night. Has a potential monster inside, but has to hide it 💀
Turns heads with her beautiful sensitive rock look. This "normal" lady doesn't swim deep in the rock, but bursts from time to time rock-spirit in her accessories.
This woman has some unreal power that almost roars rock. She is an alpha female. Loves everything raw, original & natural what makes her feel real.
Dark-mindness, that almost drowns her, but somehow she manages to turn it to her power. Life full of stories, sensations & magic. Shouts black.
The straight, graphic lines attracts this beast. Simple design-language and talkative materials, both in clothing and jewelry. Design with a powerfull story will totally rock ones black socks off.


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