ROCKERS - story


Sleepless long nights for a couple of months and the idea of ​​setting up a company, especially clothing brand. For some ODD reason, when it had been thought the night before that something was still missing, our current help in setting up and taking the company forward asked if we would be interested in a slightly different material that, he had just seen in another project.

YEAHH, we got excited right away! We could easily take advantage of our backgrounds from different fields. At the same time, we were struggling with the problem of eternity to find jewelry to suit our own tastes. Things fell into place, the clothing brand was left behind.


When we were looking for a place to work on the products we came across a workshop. A workshop that had been used for stone grinding 20 years ago.

Behind the dusty shields and broken goods, several old circular grinders and table saws were discovered, which at that time had been used to grind and hold courses for stone grinding. FORGOTTEN for a while, UNTIL the idea of ​​making stone products began to feel like it was indeed a must to implement. And best of all, these same old war horses get to show off their skills again.

Stone grinding with circular grinding machine in ROCKERS workshop


Once we had the shockingly shitty windows of the workshop cleaned up and the machines were finally able to see the light of day again, the workshop could once again get the same TASTE of stone grinding as before.

After weeks of grinding, there was an increasingly hard feeling that when the products are made by hand, they somehow FEEL like they should.


Material that HIT US right away.

Even only as raw surfaced piece, it looked roughly stylish, somehow different. Maybe, because we knew it was genuine FINNISH, black stone. Of course, the neat fact, too, was that it had bursted in ancient times from the eruption channels of the volcano from the earth's crust by forcing and settling here, to the NORTH.


Package in a pile. The concept, the method of manufacture, the material, had reached the point where yet there was no name for the products.

HARD, inflexible stone, and its background story.

Finland, quiet, stark, but still CRAZY in its own way, full of attitude, and also known as a country of ROCK, where even people goes THROUGH a gray stone.

Good starting point. Among the ideas thrown, in the end, one option seemed to be clearly the most striking and kind of thing that was thought to best to describe the products - ROCKERS

Rockers handcrafted stone rings


Done for like-minded people.

This rock is also meant to EXPRESS what you are and SHARE that same feeling with others 💪

Even though our products are quiet, they still strive to speak their own stark language with their ROUGH essence.

ROCKERS products are made on the edge of the DARK Kainuu forest, and are available ONLY in our ONLINE STORE.

From there, they will move forward to YOU, globally, to be worn with ATTITUDE.

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